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"I empower schools, educators, administrators, and organizations to effectively address sexual violence, enabling them to create safe, inclusive, and supportive learning and work environments."


Behind the Visionary

Author, Strategist, Professional Speaker & Expert Trainer

Leah M. Forney is a native of Queens, New York who is currently residing in Maryland. She learned early on the importance of having a relationship with Jesus Christ from her maternal grandmother who raised her in the church. She is a Sexual Assault Thriver and Advocate. She is a well sought after professional speaker. She has lend her voice and story to numerous projects over the last 5 years in business. 


She has released nine books over the last 6 years. She is the podcast host of the Internationally Recognized,  Hey Queen, Thrive!

She is an award winner of I am H.E.R. International Awards Woman on the Rise. She has been nominated for 13 industry awards such as ACHI, InspireU, & Sweat pants & Chill Retreat.  She has been blessed to be featured on over 200  different media publications including but not limited to internationally streamed Born Unbreakable podcast. She has been blessed to land 2 partnerships with state and national organizations to lend her voice in the fight to end sexual violence. 


For the last decade, She has trained and spoken to law enforcement, attorney general's victim advocates, and countless other organizations and schools on the importance of addressing sexual assault effectively. 

You can follow Leah on many social media sites.

as Leah M. Forney ​

For Speaking opportunities, please email us at

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“I found that every time I asked for permission the answer tended to be no, so I had to make my own yeses.” – Issa Rae

Client Testimonials
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Latoya Clark, Author & Podcaster 

I wholeheartedly recommend Leah for her exceptional qualities in providing encouragement, unwavering support, and invaluable guidance. Her leadership style, marked by action-oriented examples, is a testament to effective and inspiring leadership.

Leah's commitment to the sexual assault community is not only commendable but truly outstanding. Rooted in her personal experience with sexual assault, her dedication takes on a profound and empathetic dimension. Approaching this work with both resilience and genuine empathy, Leah brings a unique understanding that stems from her own journey.

Her patience and dedication in advocating for positive change are not just professional virtues but reflect a deeply personal connection. Leah's commitment extends beyond the surface, driven by a genuine heart that has experienced the need for transformation firsthand. Rarely will you encounter someone as dedicated and impactful, merging personal experience with advocacy to truly better the sexual assault community.

V Jackson.jpg

Valerie Jackson, Author  Survivor, & Grief & Loss Coach

I first encountered Leah through a mutual connection and was readily drawn to her because of her captivating storytelling ability. Her voice of resilience and empowerment was captivating and appealed to her audience. I followed her work and readily observed that Leah is a compassionate and knowledgeable professional.

Leah and I collaborated on an endeavor and she was well organized. She proved reliable and prompt. Sometime after, I found myself walking a path similar to the one Leah overcame. I reached out to multiple individuals, and only Leah was available. She was a tremendous blessing in helping me to center and ground myself. She provided me with lifesaving resources that led to my healing and ability to share my experience for the benefit of others.

Leah is a proven professional and advocate I highly recommend.

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Porsche Steele, Author 

Leah is one of those voices that can shake an entire community. I’ve had the pleasure of following her ask she spoke on a number of stages about sexual assault. As a survivor, it was Leah’s storytelling abilities, research-backed examples, and sheer passion for prevention and healing that allowed me to complete my healing and find my purpose.

She is more than an inspiration, though, she also embodies transformation. Creating a space for true evolution for survivors is honestly one of the most impactful things someone in her position can do and she has been able to accomplish this for anyone who is blessed enough to hear her speak.

I consider Leah a true thought leader who is on track to become a world-recognized disruptor in difficult conversations surrounding sexual abuse and I honestly see her being the one to save many lives through her work.

She and I often speak about how God guides her. This is probably what I love most about her. Her faith is astonishing and a clear indication that when you follow the path God put you on, you are truly unstoppable.

Leah is clearly the best person to speak on sexual assault at your event. You don’t need to look any further.


Shunta Graham, Author, Survivor & Podcaster

Leah M. Forney is a force to be reckon with. I have known her for a few years now. Ever since, I learned about her sexual assault story and how she has bee using it to speak up and out on behalf of other victims, survivors, & thrivers.  I knew she was someone I wanted to be connected to.  Leah has a voice and a passion that will send shockwaves through your body.  Her passion to advocate on behalf of others is admirable.  If you are looking for a qualified, personable, passionate, & expert trainer & speaker for your school, organization, and/or event, Leah M. Forney is highly recommended. 

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