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Work With Leah M. Forney

Leah M. Forney is a Strategist, Consultant, & Expert Trainer specializing in addressing sexual assault in marginalized communities using her framework SAFER-ED. She is the founder of SAAVE ME Movement. SAAVE ME stands for Sexual Assault Advocacy for Victims Everywhere.  She founded this movement along side her beloved friend Carmen Hendrix who passed away in 2018. 

Our dream client are schools, educators, administrators and organizations who desire to create safe, inclusive, and supportive learning & work environments by addressing sexual assault effectively. We believe that early invention & prevention education are key. 

Who does Leah work with? 

School Districts

Public & Private Schools 

Colleges & Universities



Private Sector Organizations 




Leah does not work with organizations and entities that support perpetrators of sexual assault & rape.

If you are unsure if your book meets these requirements, please send an inquire to

Keynote Speaker at Your Next Event 

Are you looking for a keynote speaker for your next event that can speak to your audience about the importance of addressing sexual assault effectively especially in Marginalized Communities? 

Leah M. Forney is your girl. With her decade of passion and experience, she will provide thought provoking and engaging talks for your next event. 

Pricing Varies. 

Send your request to 

Interactive Workshops 

Are you in need of interactive training for your school or organizations?  

Leah offers various interactive workshops  based on her SAFERED Framework. 

Her workshops focus on the following topics:

1. Inclusivity Matters

2.Equity in Action 

3. Redefining Safety 

4. Awakening Resilience

5. Culturally Informed Care: Addressing Sexual Violence in Marginalized Communities.

6. Beyond the Game: Addressing the impact of Sexual Violence & Athletes

7. Survivor Recovery & Healing

8. The Cross & The Couch: Incorporating Spiritual Practices in Mental Health Services Within Communities of Color.

Pricing Varies 

All Workshops Are Customizable

Send your request to

Professional Development Training for Educators & Organizations

Are you an educator or organization in need of some professional development training on how to cultivate safe, inclusive, and supportive learning & work environments

Leah offers professional development training on cultivating safe & supportive learning & work environments. 

Pricing & Packages Varies

Send your request to

Policy Development Assistance & Training

It is vital that all our policies create safe, inclusive, & supportive learning & work environments.

Leah assists schools and organizations with policy development training & assistance. 

She will go through your policies and provide guidance on how your policies can ensure the safety of all. 

Pricing & Packages Varies 

Send your request to 

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