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S.A.A.V.E. ME Community

Sexual Assault Advocacy For Victims Everywhere 

Welcome to S.A.A.V.E. ME, a compassionate community founded in 2018 by survivors Leah M. Forney and the late Carmen Hendrix. Standing for Sexual Assault Advocacy for Victims Everywhere, our movement is a testament to resilience, unity, and empowerment.

At S.A.A.V.E. ME, we've transformed our experiences into a powerful force for change. Through heartfelt PSAs and impactful events, we strive to raise awareness about sexual assault and amplify the voices of survivors. Our mission is clear: fostering a community where strength is found in unity, support is unwavering, and healing is a collective journey.

Join us as we stand together, breaking the silence, dismantling stigma, and creating a world where survivors are heard, believed, and empowered. S.A.A.V.E. ME is not just a movement; it's a testament to the strength within each survivor and the power of community in the face of adversity. Together, we can make a difference.

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Our Story

In the transformative year of 2018, Leah M. Forney and Carmen Hendrix sat down, united by a shared vision—a vision of creating a sacred space for victims, survivors, and thrivers of sexual assault. Faced with the challenge of finding a community that truly understood, they courageously decided to forge their own.

Leah, a survivor of sexual assault for a year at the time, had endured the pain of victimization three times before finding her voice. The strength she discovered within herself fueled her desire to speak out and become an advocate for others who had faced similar traumas. Carmen, inspired by her own journey and fueled by the creation of her book "When Honeysuckles Fall: A Short Story Collection," found her voice in sharing her story.

Together, Leah and Carmen joined forces, birthing the S.A.A.V.E. ME Community. It all began with a powerful commitment to amplifying survivor voices. Their journey kicked off with impactful Public Service Announcements (PSAs), bringing together a chorus of voices that echoed the resilience, courage, and strength of survivors everywhere.

The founders' story is one of empowerment rising from adversity, a testament to the transformative power of sharing experiences, and the birth of a community that stands as a beacon of support, understanding, and advocacy. In every word spoken and every story shared, Leah and Carmen laid the foundation for S.A.A.V.E. ME, a movement that continues to uplift and empower those who have walked the path of survival.

Meet The Founders

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